Unlucky [adjective]

Definition of Unlucky:

unfortunate, doomed

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlucky:

Sentence/Example of Unlucky:

I am to be unlucky in all I do, I think, be my intentions ever so good.

Many a rod, I grieve to say, was worn to the stump on that unlucky night.

It was profusely strewed with the plunder of that unlucky fortress.

Still, anything was liable to happen when his unlucky star was in the ascendant.

And Charley, unlucky Charley, had managed to get into hot water with the college school.

A screech-owl is unlucky, and so also is it if a bird fly against the window.

This unlucky newspaper was a thorn in the side of every patriot of Carlow County.

It was the unlucky boat, the boat that was haunted by the gnome.

Ah, that is unlucky; but never mind, we must contrive to get on without it.

It is evident enough that we have happened on an unlucky day!'