Unmade [adjective]

Definition of Unmade:

not made

Synonyms of Unmade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmade:




Sentence/Example of Unmade:

"It was you, who unmade it," answered Miss Adair with gratitude.

Such solidarity can neither be made nor unmade by external forces.

Let us weep for that worthy jury which was made by Carlier and unmade by Rouher.

He looked at me as if he did not know me, his face all unmade.

But I think this was a striking proof of how a horse can be made and unmade.

They have made and unmade many an aspirant for public favor.

And the tenderness of the message is all unmade and all unknown, but is felt for long, long years.

His bed was unmade, his furniture undusted, his floor unswept.

A boy who had been lying on an unmade bed, quickly got to his feet.

Talk is cheap in such a place, and talk has made or unmade many a man.