Unmanageable [adjective]

Definition of Unmanageable:

unruly, wild

Synonyms of Unmanageable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmanageable:

Sentence/Example of Unmanageable:

And great and unmanageable was his astonishment, when the truth came to light.

Forms themselves are hard enough to manage, but words are unmanageable.

It is unmanageable because it is a romance, and its essence is romantic beauty.

She should come and show that she is not wayward or unmanageable.

If it is, we'll make a perfect lady out of this unmanageable man-killer yet!

John replied that the voyage was impossible with such an unmanageable craft.

Romola seemed more than ever an unmanageable fact in his destiny.

What was it to us if Maleotti could not handle an unmanageable horse?

Day after day she grew more capricious, unreasonable, unmanageable.

A ship hove-to with preventer tackles on the rudder-head is unmanageable.