Unmanly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unmanly:

Will you or will you not answer for your unmanly and brutal conduct?'

He was above all mean and unmanly feelings—he would withdraw his objection.

If I seem cruel and unmanly, it is because I wish to be kind.

Did the Dean mean to imply that his conduct hitherto had been unmanly?

These troubles did not come all at once and I thought it unmanly to heed them.

It is like the Arabs who think that a flank attack is a mean, unmanly device.

Most unmanly of Silvestro, all this; but the rogue he petted was too snug to consider it.

The conduct of these spectators I regard as being monstrous and unmanly.

He was too ignorant to know that there were boys who thought it unmanly to pray.

If we are unmanly today, we are so, not because we do not know how to strike, but because we fear to die.