Unmanned [adjective]

Definition of Unmanned:


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Sentence/Example of Unmanned:

“I should think it would have unmanned you for life,” said Richling.

For all my callousness I was sick and unmanned by that which had befallen.

Her voice, its sweet tones breaking a little at the last, unmanned me.

"They can't imagine that we'd light up an unmanned ship," said Ethaniel.

His sensibility to outrage and insult overpowered and unmanned him.

She had left the room, only to return and confront him when he was unmanned.

Blake doubted that no more, and the conviction of it unmanned him.

As for Vincent, the horrible suspicion which stole upon him unmanned him utterly.

There was something in the tone of his voice that had unmanned him.

But the mention of it to the sergeant unnerved and unmanned him for the moment.