Unmannered [adjective]

Definition of Unmannered:


Synonyms of Unmannered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmannered:


Sentence/Example of Unmannered:

And I have an invitation for you, Evan—you unmannered boy, that you do not bow!

"Do not break in on me with unmannered words," said the bishop.

In the grand march I could indulge in the most unmannered swagger.

Soft, but with no unmanly softness; luxuriant, but with no unmannered luxury.

Hard of heart, flinty of soul, rude, unmannered and unlovely.

Naturally, she is ill-mannered or unmannered, and careless and ignorant and all those things.

But let the attendants and other profane and unmannered persons close up the doors of their ears.

Unlike the unmannered and almost languageless English peasant, they are unembarrassed and social, fluent, and often eloquent.

Discussing matters that concern ye not, Eavesdropping hounds, unmannered miscreants!

It is important, however, that the reading poet be not boisterous or unmannered.