Unmapped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unmapped:

You and General Hill are far apart and the country between is rough and unmapped.

And so again we seemed to have been deceived in this unmapped land.

But of them all not one had moved her pulses as this impossible youth of the unmapped desert West had done.

In recess he, too, has made a forced march, passing from the ordinary So-on into the unmapped So-forth.

The survey was at once undertaken, and a suitable route was chosen through the newly acquired and unmapped territory.

It is an inconvenient world, this distant, darkened, unmapped country of the Commuter.

The unmapped interior of Sumatra affords an almost virgin field for the explorer, the sportsman and the scientist.

She felt the heat, the thirst, the weariness of bone and brain--all the spell and mystery of the unmapped, unconquered land.

Of the 3200 miles thus traversed, 1650 were previously unsurveyed and unmapped.

Turning toward the unmapped, limitless Northwest, I suddenly realized that I was at the edge of the earth now.