Unmarred [adjective]

Definition of Unmarred:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unmarred:


Sentence/Example of Unmarred:

The smooth white surface of the snow was unmarred by track of beast or bird.

His was a sudden, heavy lapsing into forgetfulness, unmarred by dreams.

And they had it, unmarred by any sadness or jealousy on her part.

It was evident that the two officers of justice did not enjoy an unmarred serenity.

The print must not be cut down in size, and its face must be unmarred.

“I thought you had to break in,” Moore said, looking at the unmarred door.

Fair, witching, plump, rosy and amorous; and of unmarred proportions.

It's green, undisturbed, unmarred by shells—there are even cows!

Edith must look beautiful at her wedding; her happiness must be unmarred.

But the horrid truck had brought them unmarred to their present position.