Unmeasurable [adjective]

Definition of Unmeasurable:

excessive, extravagant

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmeasurable:

Sentence/Example of Unmeasurable:

I cannot describe the unmeasurable contempt he put into the two words.

But they are not evils; on the contrary, they are unmeasurable benefits.

The infinite goodness of God, and his unmeasurable love and mercy.

To Carlyle, on the other hand, Spencer appeared "an unmeasurable ass."

Yet not these alone does the unmeasurable capacity of my memory retain.

His Pride.His Pride and affectation of honour is unmeasurable.

But now he comprehended the unmeasurable longing that had, for the time, banished every other consideration from the younger man.

The two men stared at each other, unmoving, for the unmeasurable unit of time that the ship fell.

It was "an unmeasurable wilderness," and "when it would be settled was past calculation," Fisher Ames said.

They have been public-minded, able, far-seeing men and women, and they have rendered an unmeasurable service.