Unmentioned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unmentioned:

Had that been indeed the unmentioned surname of the man who had reared her as his own?

It is incredible that this fact should be unmentioned, if it occurred, by Lennox and Buchanan.

As a thing of course, the agony in the garden of Gethsemane is unmentioned.

There would have been little in it, but it was as well that the 'boy of the name of Weyburn' at Cuper's should be unmentioned.

Yet this work has been allowed to lie wholly neglected, unmentioned, and apparently unregretted, for nearly half a century.

She evidently has a long list of things which she things should be unmentioned.

If I should have suspicions, and they should be unjust or ill-founded, is it not better to leave them unmentioned, even to you?

Many had fallen on picket or been cut off singly, more by disease, but alike doing their duty, unmentioned and unnoticed.

The puzzle of the reason for the long separation from her parents, was evident in her mind, and unmentioned.

Through all the rest of Scripture the scape-goat is unmentioned, and Azazel is ignored.