Unmerited [adjective]

Definition of Unmerited:


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Sentence/Example of Unmerited:

If he was to be saved at all, he could be saved only by the unmerited grace of God.

"But—you see I had done him an unmerited injury," said Jimmy, soberly.

From hunted sense of unmerited outlawry I have passed to that of 'ermine' function.

How escape deserved reckoning in the one and unmerited accounting in the other?

He admired their constancy and pitied their unmerited sufferings.

"It is not mine either," she answered, flushing at the unmerited reproof.

Only once did he fling out and bestow an unmerited blow on the pork-barrel.

There was an air of quiet, unmerited suffering about her, which quelled him.

It was my most unmerited fortune to attract the notice of Miss Clavering.

I had no wish for unmerited praise, but I was too ready to settle that I did merit it.