Unmusical [adjective]

Definition of Unmusical:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unmusical:


Sentence/Example of Unmusical:

With an unmusical laugh she stood up, shaking the letter to the floor.

Because you neither play nor sing, it by no means follows that you are unmusical.

It was unmusical, unbeautiful, unlively, and indescribably doleful.

Unmusical as she was, Catherine pined for her sister's music that evening.

On his part there was not a single faulty phrase or unmusical expression.

Princeton University has given him that unmusical degree, Mus.

"She is just what I thought," said a voice, thin, but not unmusical.

The fourth line of that stanza is unmusical and inharmonious.

This unmusical "conk" is sweeter than the "kerchunk" of the bull-frog.

"Somebody's eyes have told me so," said Skippy in an unmusical treble.