Unnamed [adjective]

Definition of Unnamed:

not named

Synonyms of Unnamed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unnamed:

Sentence/Example of Unnamed:

But marriage with an unnamed and unknown heiress is one thing.

The wives of the farm are the unnamed, unrewarded heroines of the border.

By far the greater number, both men and women, are unnamed and unknown.

Where the poem is unnamed, the first line has been used and noted in italics.

The gods also were not; "they were as yet unnamed and did not rule the destinies."

Yet as we stand here and look at that country it is a country as yet unknown and unnamed!

It was still her choice possession, and had been named and unnamed.

And Dolores became quite angry with the unnamed, unknown girl.

For him they were unnamed, save for the peculiarities he discovered in each.

Unnamed are the persons, on whom the vituperation he discharges, is poured forth.