Unnatural [adjective]

Definition of Unnatural:

not regular; artificial

Opposite/Antonyms of Unnatural:

Sentence/Example of Unnatural:

What the unnatural father would have done next, I do not know.

For a moment she felt the full swinging of it; it did not seem at all strange or unnatural to her.

I beg of you to persist in your address—the unnatural brother called it address!

Are we to be exposed to this unnatural conduct every moment of our lives?

Arthur spoke presently, his tone so calm a one as almost to be unnatural.

But it would be unnatural, would it not, that he should go off before her, especially as she is so ill?

You think I hold that to be unnatural because it is immoral?

The struggle is not ended, but simply the unnatural form of it.

Will you kindly tell me, sir, if you see any unnatural discoloration in there?

This is unnatural and inconsistent you will say, but it is true.