Unnaturalness [noun]

Definition of Unnaturalness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unnaturalness:

Sentence/Example of Unnaturalness:

Which is where the unnaturalness of “cultured” folk sometimes helps.

This is simply infamous and Nature teaches its infamy and unnaturalness.

We were, of course, blissfully ignorant of the unnaturalness of the process.

It makes my tender heart bleed to think of his unnaturalness.

My own chief objection to Morrow's story is (as I apprised him) its unnaturalness.

Certainly there are fine qualities which war, despite its unnaturalness, develops.

The unnaturalness of the creed which they expressed always hampered them.

The third element of guilt lies in the unnaturalness of calumny.

Consequently, when she spoke the name in his presence, there was not a trace of unnaturalness in tone or manner.

The unnaturalness of the two foregoing illustrations needs no comment.