Unneeded [adjective]

Definition of Unneeded:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unneeded:

Sentence/Example of Unneeded:

His whole skill was limited to the stable-yard, and there, now, his functions were unneeded.

There is not one will dare to question me, Sir, and your caution is unneeded.

It was a brilliant moonlight night, so that gas was unneeded.

The monographs called for above would, then, be a not unneeded work.

Tact, finesse, all the qualities which Kit had and she had not were unneeded here.

There are no social conditions; there are no unneeded legal restrictions.

Latent psi-power, dormant and unused and unneeded and uninteresting for aeons.

No attention did I get from him at all in that respect, but plenty of other unneeded help.

"Your reproaches are unneeded," she replied, slowly and wearily.

Grievance enough for any man who resented the disturbance of unneeded change.