Unnerving [verb]

Definition of Unnerving:

upset, intimidate

Synonyms of Unnerving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unnerving:

Sentence/Example of Unnerving:

She was bracing in every nerve against the unnerving of his presence.

Any known danger he could face with a firm lip, but this suspense was unnerving.

She was conscious chiefly of an unnerving horror and a sense of contrition.

For the man had obviously been through an unnerving experience.

But she was overcome by an unnerving sense of insignificance.

The fact was, that the intense excitement was unnerving him.

The scream was decidedly the most unnerving of the various phenomena.

Likewise, it was unnerving to know that her every move was being watched.

Instead of unnerving, it had braced him to grapple with a difficult situation.

He was battling silently, skilfully, not to betray the dread which was unnerving him.