Unnoted [adjective]

Definition of Unnoted:

unknown, anonymous

Synonyms of Unnoted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unnoted:

Sentence/Example of Unnoted:

Unnoted, he reached them and laid his hand upon the bridle of the nearest.

Not one thought, one aspiration, one prayer, is unheard and unnoted.

Unnoted, the desire so swiftly follows the thought and juggles with the will.

“Poor, unnoted though I am, the Queen of England is my friend,” she answered.

His glasses tumbled from his nose, and his feet scrunched them unnoted into the rug.

The expenditure was always profligate and always unnamed, unnoted.

But babbling-loud the guests were grown; Unnoted was she and unknown.

It was all plain to Ab now as he flew along, unnoted by the two ahead of him.

He saw that he was unnoted, and apprehension gave place to rage.

To seal her supremacy, a wave leaping in the gorge broke to him the unnoted advance of the tide.