Unobscured [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unobscured:

Here the sun rose, and set, as unobscured from the sight, as on the wastes of ocean.

It was a moment of feeling almost wild,—so free, so unobscured.

In the morning her faith had been unobscured, confident as a flower at dawn.

Gabriel now put forth his unobscured opinion, for the moment had come.

The woody growth is scanty, and hence the view is unobscured the greater part of the way.

He was about to turn again when he looked out upon the river, where the moon was shining with unobscured light.

That unobscured brain applied to nobler ends would have won higher results, but the principle remains the same.

The stars which guided her were the unobscured constellations of civil and religious liberty.

Follow it up with courage, The double triangle, the long road and the unobscured star are before you.

The camp lay in the full sunshine of fortune, unobscured by the least cloud.