Unobserved [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unobserved:

They stood, unobserved, at a little distance, and heard the service.

He wanted to feel himself alone in wakefulness and unobserved.

Outside the window was a little Hindu boy, unobserved by any in the house.

Philip's eyes were streaming, and, unobserved, he put the lesson-book to his lips.

So absorbed were they that Pete passed some of them unobserved.

I managed to slip it into my vest pocket, unobserved by my visitors.

Unobserved himself, he had taken account of every man who was present.

But no: I was unnoticed and unobserved; and even this hurt me still more.

She turned and saw Captain Martin, who had just joined them unobserved.

I, unobserved, tore it into strips and slipped the pieces into my breast-pocket.