Unornamented [adjective]

Definition of Unornamented:

limited, ordinary

Synonyms of Unornamented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unornamented:

Sentence/Example of Unornamented:

He even grasped the reason for the massive, stark, unornamented keep.

They were both straight and curved, ornamented and unornamented.

A plain, unornamented sword, such as the army is supplied with.

Their meeting-houses, khalwas, are plain, unornamented edifices.

Here, red and unornamented as the house itself, the future Egyptologist was born.

His house was bare and unornamented, but of vast proportions.

Why should I have been expecting the interior of the Capitol to consist of austere bare walls and unornamented floors?

Her brow, bare and unornamented, threw an air of severe grandeur on her whole countenance.

A simple, unornamented grave there causes more tears to flow than the gaudy splendor of a cathedral interment.

His dress, from the rough pea-jacket to the unornamented moccasins, was severely plain.