Unorthodox [adjective]

Definition of Unorthodox:

abnormal; other than accepted

Synonyms of Unorthodox:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unorthodox:

Sentence/Example of Unorthodox:

She had been two years in service and had got unorthodox notions.

May I urge you not to reject this novel and unorthodox approach.

It waved a six-fingered hand in an unorthodox, but friendly, greeting.

The question was quite an unorthodox procedure in English justice.

The question had been a little too unorthodox, Brett decided.

The Brainchild had been built too fast, and in too unorthodox a manner.

In other places it diverged into unorthodox sceptical inquiries.

The runners were irritated at the unorthodox way in which the case had been managed.

The rites of the Russian Church are complex, and to the unorthodox, perplexing.

And his doctrine has been declared by his own church to be unorthodox.