Unpack [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unpack:

If you'll unpack the mare and tether her, Haggis, we can see aboot the fire and the meat.

The Sanford contingent had their trunks to unpack as soon as they should arrive.

Judith unlocked her trunk and began to unpack her treasures.

Pass along at once, and find your quarters and begin to unpack.

(Crosses to r.) Go to your room and get settled; then unpack the other trunks.

I've been watching Myra unpack, and telling her where not to put my things.

Hamlet was well able to 'unpack his heart with words,' but he will not unpack it with our paraphrases.

Why, unpack a little, and then go to bed and go to sleep; that would be the best thing.

She did not stop to unpack, but only took out the dinner gown that lay on top.

Presently his luggage arrived, and he went upstairs to unpack.