Unpalatable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unpalatable:

God has given her unpalatable truths to speak, and she must speak them.

Rations of a type welcome in a northern climate were unpalatable in Turkey.

As they dry quickly they must be carefully wrapped or they will be unpalatable.

This however was too unpalatable for his ambition to swallow.

One of the emulsions may be used instead if the pure oil is unpalatable.

There was, in fact, more than a touch of dignity in her reception of the unpalatable news.

The new Chancellor proved as unpalatable as his predecessor.

His advice, however, was unpalatable and proved ineffectual.

Yes, that was the unpalatable truth, brought to light at last.

Mr. Huntingdon moved uneasily, pondering the unpalatable advice.