Unparalleled [adjective]

Definition of Unparalleled:


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Sentence/Example of Unparalleled:

The scenes that followed were remarkably impressive and unparalleled.

But Dryden's compositions are unparalleled in any literature.

It has been taken eagerly as an admission of his unparalleled guilt.

The contrast is indeed extraordinary, and, I believe, unparalleled.

Outside the barrier at the Neck was an unparalleled state of affairs.

I repented of having given in; such impudence was unparalleled.

The Colony, the pilot explained, had suffered from unparalleled drought.

As Robert of Gloucester had said, the case was an unparalleled one.

The scene at the railway stations and book-stalls was unparalleled.

Nicuesa's spirit had not been chastened by his unparalleled misfortunes.