Unpardonably [adverb]

Definition of Unpardonably:


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Sentence/Example of Unpardonably:

"I have been unpardonably slow in coming to you," said Alston.

You know now that your brother never wronged you unpardonably.

I was unpardonably rash—impertinent—don't think of what I said.'

My conduct was as unpardonably criminal in this, as it was in greater things.

"Unpardonably improvident as regards his daughter," was the assenting remark.

It was unpardonably rude, but they could not help interrupting to cheer.

Frederick could not be unpardonably guilty, while Henry made himself so agreeable.

I am writing to Darya Pavlovna, whom I've forgotten so unpardonably till now.

At least justice would be done now, although this usher had blundered so unpardonably that morning.

Costumiers had ransacked their stock for discovery of garments not unpardonably inappropriate.