Unperceived [adjective]

Definition of Unperceived:

obscure, mysterious

Opposite/Antonyms of Unperceived:

Sentence/Example of Unperceived:

He was unperceived by Friedhelm and Sigmund, who were looking after the procession.

The death is slow and unperceived, but it is sure; and it is a death that has no resurrection.

He has followed me, unperceived, all the way from home—I would not lose him for fifty pounds.

The Vicomte—a little man, as I have said—slipped in unperceived.

So softly he reached her, that for a moment he was unperceived.

If the rascal sees the light he can get out of our way and we will pass him unperceived.

She stole away, but not unperceived, for one pair of eyes was ever upon her.

But before he moved away he had slipped the money into he bandit's wallet, unperceived by him.

There is a subtle error here which is unperceived by the majority.

“Water,” said the doctor, who had closed up with us unperceived.