Unplumbed [adjective]

Definition of Unplumbed:


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Sentence/Example of Unplumbed:

His silences had not proceeded from the unplumbed depths of his knowledge.

Down, down, to what unplumbed depths had it gone, those other times?

It cried to him out, as it seemed, of some unplumbed depth of experience in himself.

One drop of the salt estranging sea is as unplumbed as the whole ocean.

Helen grew conscious of unplumbed depths, of instincts at which she was amazed and ashamed.

His hackles rose as he thought of a senseless plunge into unplumbed distance.

Without transition, such persons have passed from the absurd excesses of slothful optimism to the vertigo of unplumbed pessimism.

Most uncompromising of the realists, he yet ventures into depths hitherto undreamt of and unplumbed.

Electricity for the ancients was an unplumbed ocean, whose slightest fluctuations affected them in ways they could not understand.

Muffled speech from unplumbed spirit-depths, yet inspired by the impulse of sport.