Unpopularity [noun]

Definition of Unpopularity:

dislike; disgrace

Synonyms of Unpopularity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpopularity:

Sentence/Example of Unpopularity:

He was doomed, however, to share the unpopularity of his family.

"You ask me to bring myself into unpopularity with the entire country," he pleaded.

Well he knew his unpopularity and sagely judged his opportunities.

She flushed painfully at the reference to her own unpopularity.

The very virtues of the European are prime causes of his unpopularity.

He saw with absolute fairness now the reasonableness of his unpopularity.

He had been warned of his unpopularity, and gave way to threats.

See Peel's Memoirs, i., 3, for his unpopularity at Westbury.

Five years of popularity or unpopularity; and after those five years, an Eternity.

Even in this matter the unpopularity of Pompey was an obstacle in our path.