Unpremeditated [adjective]

Definition of Unpremeditated:

not planned

Synonyms of Unpremeditated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpremeditated:

Sentence/Example of Unpremeditated:

As to the result of my unpremeditated "tip" she was quite indifferent.

As I looked at her I was more ashamed of my own unpremeditated nap than ever.

The suggestion must seem to be incidental and unpremeditated.

One was at Devonshire House, an ordinary, unpremeditated evening reception.

The hint which the Chieftain had thrown out respecting Flora was not unpremeditated.

His present visit was as unpremeditated as Peyton's invitation had been unlooked for by him.

He sauntered up to the silly Globule and look an unpremeditated Swipe.

This revolt was, however, not a sudden, unpremeditated thing.

The situation was unpremeditated, and the Constitution made no provision for its facts.

Trix came to a standstill, a standstill at once sudden and unpremeditated.