Unprepossessing [adjective]

Definition of Unprepossessing:


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Sentence/Example of Unprepossessing:

Despite this evidence of a hasty toilet in semidarkness, he was not unprepossessing.

Altogether it was as unprepossessing a place as I had ever seen.

Yes, and her mother, if the older woman be such, is not at all unprepossessing.

This, from their unprepossessing appearance, we were not well-disposed to do.

Beneath an unprepossessing exterior she has a heart of gold.

She was very plain in person, and unprepossessing in manners.

The men are tall and powerful, and the women not unprepossessing.

In the hall he saw her woman, the tall woman with the unprepossessing face.

Already I had forgotten the unprepossessing garb of the outer man.

His face was stolid, but not unprepossessing; his bearing, quiet and reserved.