Unpretentious [adjective]

Definition of Unpretentious:

simple, honest

Synonyms of Unpretentious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpretentious:

Sentence/Example of Unpretentious:

Decent, unpretentious folks, somewhat new, but with loads of money.

It was a roomy two-storied house, unpretentious, but very capacious.

Unpretentious buildings they were, of wood or brick, one-story and rambling.

Nor did it vary externally from any of its unpretentious neighbors.

Something also it owed to its unpretentious yet practical and utilitarian character.

He was incomparably simple and unpretentious; they found his presence comfortable.

St. Alban's Church is an unpretentious building at the north end.

The dinner was simple and unpretentious, but excellent, almost perfect in its way.

For Mr. Davitt was a good man, zealous in his work, unpretentious, and kindly.

He and the Crown Prince and myself were left in the unpretentious study.