Unproductive [adjective]

Definition of Unproductive:

idle, nonproductive

Synonyms of Unproductive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unproductive:

Sentence/Example of Unproductive:

It still encumbered the south wall with its unproductive branches.

The lobsterman made other attempts at conversation, but they were unproductive.

Unproductive opinions were nothing to her now, especially in Addington.

The little cruising that had been done had been unproductive of results.

Poor Polly Perkins was a sad example of the unproductive consumer.

It stands for struggle that is often fruitless and unproductive.

It is true that even in that case it is unproductive of good.

Less than one-twelfth of the area of the state is unproductive.

Between the river-valleys are long stretches of unproductive land.

It can also be propagated from the seed, but these are often unproductive.