Unprofessional [adjective]

Definition of Unprofessional:

not done well or skillfully

Synonyms of Unprofessional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unprofessional:

Sentence/Example of Unprofessional:

She was certainly, for one so young and so unprofessional, a magnificent reader.

There was no use in trying this through any unprofessional channels.

Nowhere else in the world could one expect to figure in a rôle so unprofessional.

You aint so unprofessional as to remember all that silliness against me, are you?

There are forty ways of writing in an unprofessional manner, and they are all good.

Ladies (unprofessional) are going to play, for the first time.

If the nurse gains from the nursing situation, isn't that unprofessional?

The fact that I do a thing—after all my experience—should prove it to be not unprofessional.

We insisted, because it would have been unprofessional not to have had one.

It is unsportsmanlike and unprofessional to attack the flanks.