Unprofitable [adjective]

Definition of Unprofitable:

producing no profit or gain

Synonyms of Unprofitable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unprofitable:

Sentence/Example of Unprofitable:

Don't you think we had better avoid all unprofitable discussion?

But the mixture was undoubtedly flat, stale and unprofitable.

Pepsy had no money invested in their unprofitable enterprise, for she had no money to invest.

Numberless women have withered in this unprofitable service to chastity.

Grip was by no means an idle or unprofitable member of the humble household.

It was mere sophistry, and deceiving, fruitless, and unprofitable.

No machine yet devised could perform this tedious and unprofitable task.

It is an entertaining book, and by no means an unprofitable one.

The voyage of discovery was unprofitable; there was nothing to discover.

What is left him but to lead a life stale and unprofitable, the scorn and mockery of men?