Unprogressive [adjective]

Definition of Unprogressive:

with outdated ideas

Synonyms of Unprogressive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unprogressive:


Sentence/Example of Unprogressive:

The Government was unprogressive, and fees and salaries were high.

She should guard against becoming autocratic and unprogressive.

That is to say, he prefer his hands to be unprogressive and in debt.

Her bigotry is that of age, her unprogressive slowness of change is senile.

I felt no condemnation; yet the memory, static, unprogressive, haunted me.

An endless (it may be) succession of unprogressive, fruitless events.

But probably he was a Conservative, for these big men were often unprogressive.

Instinct is a faculty which belongs to unprogressive species.

Her people were unprogressive, her resources undeveloped, her self-defensive capacities insignificant, her government corrupt.

The elements of an older day were preserved and stereotyped, attractive but unprogressive.