Unprotected [adjective]

Definition of Unprotected:


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Sentence/Example of Unprotected:

Did Phidias express no anxiety concerning your unprotected situation?

You must always be a true knight for the persecuted and unprotected.

I ventured the unprotected name, and she took no notice of the liberty.

Expose thy naked and unprotected head to glut his vengeance.

So helpless, so unprotected; so absolutely at his mercy because she loved the children.

Nor, were she my wife, could I leave her behind and unprotected.

As his body was unprotected, his sufferings must have been great; but his fortitude was superior to all.

The meeting of a thief with an unprotected lady, at night, in an inn on the plain!

The lip of the road, at this spot rotten and unprotected, gave way.

Unprotected, he felt the air explode from the groundcar, from his lungs.