Unproven [adjective]

Definition of Unproven:

doubtful, uncertain

Opposite/Antonyms of Unproven:

Sentence/Example of Unproven:

There are many and conclusive reasons for rejecting this unproven claim.

The mystery of unknown and unproven danger did not fascinate him.

Is it scientific to accept as true an unproven theory and make it the basis of all belief?

In short, so far from being a great universal philosophy, it is simply a disjointed combination of unproven theories.

As that Article was by unanimous consent abandoned and never put to vote, all its allegations logically fell as unproven.

In short, if one can foreknow what a comparison will reveal, telepathy before the comparison is unproven.

That which is unproven to-day may be proven by the help of new discoveries to-morrow.

But if it is only an unproven theory, then she is justified if she has good reasons for fighting its propagation.

We found that the unproven and discredited theory of evolution lies at the bottom of it.

We started out with an unproven, though self-evident premise.