Unprovoked [adjective]

Definition of Unprovoked:

not reasonable or right

Synonyms of Unprovoked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unprovoked:

Sentence/Example of Unprovoked:

And if you ask as friends, you have done us bitter wrong, by attacking us unprovoked.

The attack was so unprovoked that Stroeve, taken unawares, was defenceless.

That still doesn't excuse a wanton and unprovoked aggression!

This calamity is not the work of the unprovoked fury of the angry elements.

The war was the result of Germany's unprovoked invasion of our shores.

There certainly is some mystery, the attack was so unprovoked, the determination so positive.

And upon his release he complained that the attack was unprovoked.

Unprovoked, a French soldier addressed an insulting remark to her.

So unjust, so unprovoked a persecution is the disgrace of that parliament.

Remember how unprovoked this war was, and how I strove to avert it.