Unpunctual [adjective]

Definition of Unpunctual:

random, variable

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpunctual:

Sentence/Example of Unpunctual:

What a disgraceful thing it was for the Lilac to be so unpunctual.

But Lucy at last was unpunctual in her visits to the Wilderness.

It's odd that even at your father's funeral you should be so unpunctual.

Poets are dreamy and unpractical and unpunctual—it's their nature.

But of all men alive Dolly Longstaff was the most unpunctual.

"It's not like Castellan to be unpunctual," said the Prime Minister.

There's tea laid—you've let it get cold, unpunctual ruffian.

Mr. Waffles, like many men with nothing to do, was most unpunctual.

Have him give you directions, dictate you letters, discipline you if you were unpunctual?

"It is so vulgar to be unpunctual," said Adelaide with her calm good-breeding.