Unquenchable [adjective]

Definition of Unquenchable:

voracious, wanting

Synonyms of Unquenchable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unquenchable:

Sentence/Example of Unquenchable:

But by an effort of his unquenchable energy he shook off this show of concern.

It was the cry of a beaten man whose spirit is unquenchable.

I have never seen fury so expressed or such an unquenchable spirit.

Is it not good news that that fire is unquenchable, that that worm will not die?

But down to the last half-gallon, our thirst was unquenchable.

The flames met the falling rain as though they were unquenchable.

Has He, can He have created these unquenchable longings only to tantalize them?

He calls himself "teacher of the unquenchable creed, namely, egotism."

They came, once she had started, in an unquenchable flood of reminiscences.

It was the result of a long necessity, of an unquenchable desire.