Unquestioned [adjective]

Definition of Unquestioned:

conventional, traditional

Synonyms of Unquestioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unquestioned:

Sentence/Example of Unquestioned:

Nor could I see any special value in the fact of descent, even were it unquestioned.

The region beyond him he regards from this vantage-ground of unquestioned security.

Quite naturally I do not push my unquestioned mastery to this extreme.

In fact, the efficiency of West India troops was, and is, unquestioned.

Now there was no hope that she might be left alone and unquestioned.

Sigmund also was a painter, but no unquestioned work of his is known.

They are familiar, unquestioned, popular, and they are always current above their value.

Let her do with him as she would, she would be his saint always, unquestioned, unarraigned.

The movable home was hers, with all its belongings, and she ruled there unquestioned.

Inspiration unsought and unquestioned is a thing of the past.