Unraveled [verb]

Definition of Unraveled:


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Sentence/Example of Unraveled:

Unraveled rope-strands, burnt off in the fire, served to lash all together.

This was the mystery to be unraveled, and the Major soon explained it.

He had, I knew, unraveled other tangles as mysterious as this.

These he had unraveled with the aid of Farnsworth, the attorney for the estate.

Who built this temple, and how was it built, and when, are mysteries that may never be unraveled.

Renwick had only unraveled the thread to see how far it would lead.

The lodge is still to let, so perhaps the mystery may yet be unraveled.

There is a mystery about this house which I have not yet unraveled.

All problems in a nation's life must be unraveled and solved by that nation.

If young Shackford is the person, there is a tangled story to be unraveled.