Unread [adjective]

Definition of Unread:

uncultivated, vulgar

Synonyms of Unread:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unread:


Sentence/Example of Unread:

These might readily have been consigned to the depths of the wastebasket unopened, unread.

She took it and held it unread, looking at him with dark tragic eyes.

The evening paper, as yet unread, lay on the sofa beside her.

Her Ladyship sat with an unread book on her knees gazing into nothingness.

The topic is so interesting that the unread paragraph has to wait.

Was Edward Everett mistaken, are these letters not extant today, or are they unread?

It was boomed, and lay, unread, on every ones drawing-room table.

And off he went, putting the letter, unread, into his pocket.

There was still a pile of unread romances in the corner cupboard.

Pelham switched on the light, and pulled out an unread volume of Stevenson.