Unreality [noun]

Definition of Unreality:


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Sentence/Example of Unreality:

Unreality and mystery begin as soon as one touches the body.

It is a question not of Reality or Unreality, but of greater and of lesser Activity.

The unreality of it—the strangeness of his own sensations—were borne in upon him.

Horrible, horrible nights; surcharged with the frenzy and unreality of a nightmare.

Before there had been a certain sense of unreality in the whole thing.

To Foster the whole experience had now the unreality of a dream.

All at once as she stared at him she had a feeling of unreality.

There had remained an insight into the unreality of the obsession.

For a few months she created for herself an atmosphere of unreality.

It seemed to her that all these people, excellent in their way, had a tinge of unreality about them.