Unrealized [adjective]

Definition of Unrealized:

dormant, hidden

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrealized:

Sentence/Example of Unrealized:

It is underlain by an unrealized wealth that may never be brought to light.

Perhaps there may have been some unrealized sanitary reason for this practice.

It was for men like himself, with memories, unrealized dreams.

Let us leave them there in that first curious, unrealized signaling of soul to soul.

It has been the unrealized dream of generations of India and China merchants.

There must, then, be some conception of unrealized powers which will meet this difficulty.

We cannot, of course, be content with an unrealized unity of the Church.

The unrealized difficulty of this program lay in the widespread ignorance.

Therefore is it that the artist is given in order that he may reveal as yet unrealized spiritual relations, or new beauty.

The character of the human voice depends thus on the ear to an unrealized degree.