Unreason [noun]

Definition of Unreason:

state of extreme upset

Synonyms of Unreason:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreason:

Sentence/Example of Unreason:

Indeed it would be the height of unreason to expect him to be sitting there without that head.

And, doctor, I want to apologize for my anger and unreason this morning.

You will live bitterly to regret the haste and the unreason of it.'

The unreserve and unreason of her passion at last disgusted him.

My own matriculation at Eugene's College of Unreason was in this wise.

It was typical of the unreason of his sex that he failed to be impressed by this argument.

Convalescence came, with its unwilling fretfulness, its fits of unreason.

It was almost hysteria, to such a pitch of unreason was she wrought.

And it must here be noticed that this unreason was not all theological.

Reason and unreason, being and not being, all these contradictions are contained in it.