Unreasoning [adjective]

Definition of Unreasoning:

illogical, senseless

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreasoning:

Sentence/Example of Unreasoning:

He wanted Avice Milbrey,—wanted her with an intensity as unreasoning as it was resistless.

It is unreasoning, I know, and foolish, but I am convinced that he is running into danger.

I had asked that sordid question only to hide the unreasoning gladness of my heart.

But such is the world; so unreasoning, and so little in accord with itself.

Aside from his god Science he was a maniac—inhuman, cruel, unreasoning.

The feeling is an unreasoning one, like the home-sickness of the mountaineer.

All reason was hopeless in the face of this unreasoning jealousy.

Nor was this, at that time, a blind and unreasoning superstition.

"Never think," says Cecil, interrupting her with unreasoning irritation.

I demanded, out of patience with him, in his unreasoning malice.