Unrecognizable [adjective]

Definition of Unrecognizable:


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Sentence/Example of Unrecognizable:

What one man has, every man has, however hidden and unrecognizable.

He could distinctly hear the rise and fall of their tones, but still they were unrecognizable.

The only thing they really had in common was that they were unrecognizable.

"Some poetry, sir," came the crackling, unrecognizable sound of his voice.

Let us return to the unrecognizable thing that was once a Mole.

The third body, that of a woman, was reduced to an unrecognizable mass.

The boots were unrecognizable when I got them back from him.

But time has blackened his pictures, and now they are unrecognizable.

But time has blackened his pictures and now they are unrecognizable.

Don Miguel appeared; thanks to Flying Eagle, he was unrecognizable.