Unrecognized [adjective]

Definition of Unrecognized:

in disguise

Synonyms of Unrecognized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrecognized:

Sentence/Example of Unrecognized:

Her broad back had been unrecognized by the herald, careless in her haste.

She could follow the Ford girl, unknown, unrecognized, while he himself could not.

What signified it that I was poor and ragged—unknown, unrecognized—if she were to be the gainer?

They were unrecognized, and they enjoyed themselves like children.

I must have seen her, and yet I do not think I could have passed her by unrecognized.

This is not to say that all men have an equal fund of unrecognized ability.

He arrived at the rebel lines safely, unrecognized and not suspicioned.

These cases may have been unrecognized, and may have existed for many years.

A final farewell, unrecognized for the last parting that it was.

Very often the harm is as unseen by the world as the hate is unrecognized by us.